What role will coal play as the nation moves toward trying to reduce greenhouse gases? The picture is mixed, as these news stories from around the country demonstrate.

Kan. Legislature passes bill for power plant
 … after Gov. Sibelius moves to Washington.

LS suspends development of Mich. coal power plant
…citing political opposition, the regulatory environment, and the rocky regional economy.

Bush EPA hid data on coal-ash risks, study shows
…citing a study by an environmental group.

Renewable industry cheers Obama budget while coal and nuclear jeer
… the coal and nuclear industries complained that their technologies were being slighted.

Critics press Duke over its use of coal

… and not investing enough in renewables.

Energy Northwest pulls plug on coal/petcoke gasification plant
… that would have generated 680 MW.

Entergy CEO says coal is the answer to controlling global warming
…by retrofiting existing coal-fired plants with carbon capture and sequestration technology.