MANAGING POWER Direct [May 28, 2009]

Planet Earth: Too Big to Fail <!

The Obama administration is giving mixed signals on global warming: claiming the right to regulate greenhouse gases but also expecting Congress to rewrite climate change regulations.

Bad Bosses Drive Out the Good

Bad bosses. We’ve all had them, we’ve all coped with them. They are a chronic management problem. But what can we do about them? A management guru offers some advice on how to deal with them and how to avoid becoming one.

Coal Companies Peabody, CONSOL, and Arch Are Weathering the Economic Storm

Coal continues to demonstrate considerable financial muscle in the current economic downturn, despite anti-coal rhetoric and concerns about climate change.

Enjoy the Battle

Climate change legislation, despite its environmental focus, will raise vast sums of money. The Washington turf wars over how to spend the money will dwarf the skirmishes we’ve seen so far.

Go Ahead, Close Oyster Creek

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in early April granted Entergy Nuclear an extended license for the Oyster Creek nuclear plant in New Jersey, the oldest operating nuke in the U.S. The plant will now be able to operate until 2029, unless the NRC at some point in the future grants a further license extension. Nuclear power advocate William Tucker, with tongue in cheek, advocated closing the plant and other elderly units in the Northeast, in a commentary in the National Review. Tucker’s comments are reprinted with permission.

Supremes Back Cost Reviews on Cooling Water

The Supreme Court backs restrictions on “once-through” cooling for new plants, while giving a pass to existing plants.

The Best and Worst of U.S. Government Employers

Working for Uncle Sam can be worthwhile or a life-sapping grind, depending on which agency employs you, according to a new survey by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Guess which agency ranked best. (Hint: It’s related to power.)

The Supreme Court and Best Environmental Practices

Did a recent Supreme Court decision give a license to firms to use “best practices” concepts to gut effective environmental standards?

TREND: Coal Industry's Future Faces Challenges

What role will coal play as the nation moves toward trying to reduce greenhouse gases? The picture is mixed, as these news stories from around the country demonstrate.

Uranium Prices: Up, Up, and Away?

Industry experts say raw uranium will face increased demand, reduced supply, and higher prices. Will the market bear out those predictions?

Utility Customer Satisfaction: A Faith-Based Initiative?

Does customer satisfaction play a meaningful role in guiding utility operations? Many utilities think it does, as do many regulators. The market apparently doesn’t. Data suggest that the jury is out on the question, and the intuitive answer may not match the empirical evidence.

Will Plug-in Hybrids Cause Blackouts?

Could demand from plug-in hybrid cars crash the grid? A DOE national lab addresses the issue.