Solve obsolescence problems and extend plant life with a control system retrofit

Control technology has changed a lot since the average power plant entered service. Yet, most of these units still have long useful lives ahead of them. Upgrading to a new distributed control system can solve equipment obsolescence issues and extend the life of a plant well into the future. It’s important, however, to evaluate the […]

VM – Test

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Advancing Electric Utility Security

Utilities face serious difficulties from increased cyber and physical security threats. Learn how to use NERC-CIP security standards to develop and implement a plan that establishes and maintains a strong physical security profile for electric utility sites. By following these standards and implementing modern physical security technology available today, utilities can deter, detect, delay, assess, […]

Solving Three Lighting Problems for Power Generation Facilities

Switching to energy-efficient LED lighting is common among businesses today. But power generation facilities face unique challenges. Whether its coal, natural gas, other types of fossil fuels, or nuclear, typical LED products do not work well or last for a long time in a hot environment. Facilities Managers and Plant Supervisors need to be informed […]

Staying Connected with Mobile Devices in the Power Sector

A variety of factors contribute to power utilities feeling the pinch, and mobile solutions offer one way to cut costs by improving operations while extending service capabilities to customers. Mobile tech can increase front-line operator and field tech utilization, improve real-time communication with dispatchers, and connect faster with customers. Field technicians also can respond proactively […]

Leveraging IIoT Devices in the Power Gen Industry – Challenges and Opportunities

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) brings significant opportunities to power generation along with some unique challenges around integrating distributed, intelligent devices into plants. To better understand these obstacles and explore how IIoT devices can complement the existing industrial control systems, Zpryme surveyed organizations that generate power from sources such as wind, solar and natural […]

The impact of oil cleanliness on your equipment in the Power Industry

Covers the leading cause of lubricant-related equipment failure, measuring contaminants in your oil, how clean does oil need to be, the benefits of clean oil, how new oil gets contaminated, the best way to reduce contaminate-caused wear, and much more. Download the free paper now to find out more here…

Enhancing Combustion Turbine Capabilities for 21st Century Power Markets

Learn How to Enhance Combustion Turbines to Profits Under New Market Rules CTs are the modern fossil fuel workhorse Combustion turbines (CTs) have become the stars of most utility generation fleets. They are cleaner and faster to respond than their coal-fired counterparts and have been the technology of choice for new assets over the last […]

Ultrasonic Flowmeter Reveals Reason for Tube Failure in High-Heat Application

A major power generator was having a premature tube failure in the feed water heater of its 400 megawatt pulverized coal plants. The nature of the problem seemed to be: hot spots in the water wall and inconsistent water flow. To test their theory they measured the temperature of the hot spots, but measuring the […]