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The Turbomachinery and Pump Symposia (TPS) is a vital industry event, a forum for the exchange of ideas between rotating equipment engineers and technicians from across the globe. From the first symposium in 1972, TPS (http://tps.tamu.edu/) has been known for its impact on turbomachinery, pump, oil and gas, petrochemical, power, aerospace, chemical, and water industries through both its technical program and its exhibit hall, where 360 companies exhibited their products and services in 2016. This year’s event, held December 12–14 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, promises to be the perfect forum for exchanging ideas and forging new relationships. TPS is organized by the Turbomachinery Laboratory, part of Texas A&M University. A sampling of the exhibitors, and their products and services, are highlighted in this section.

High-Pressure, Rotary Gear Pumps for Severe Applications

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Northern Pump manufactures high-pressure, heavy-duty, positive-displacement, rotary gear pumps for industry, designed to perform in severe applications. Among those applications are for seal oil, lube oil, fuel oil, hydraulic oil, coating, and many others. Northern’s performance criteria include flows from cc/rev to 300 gpm, viscosities from 0.5 to 1,500,000 cps, discharge pressures to 2,000 psi, and temperatures to 850F. Northern’s unique design contains no castings, but all machined components allow the company to be very adaptable to custom configurations and material selections. Northern pumps are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations, and the company offers tailor-made, custom pumps. The company’s 4000 series pumps can handle both high and low viscosities, corrosive and abrasive liquids, and operate at a variety of flow rates and speeds. Its 4900 series (above) is a hydraulically balanced pump; it can provide a boost for systems that have become inadequate due to increased line pressures. Northern pumps provide a constant, smooth, and non-pulsating flow, eliminating the need for pulsation dampeners. Booth 1116 — Northern Pump, Grantsburg, Wisconsin

Products and Services for Power Plants and System Control Operators

Figure 2 - Nidec microgrid

Nidec ASI specializes in products and services for power and system control operators worldwide. The company provides variable speed drive systems, electrical generators, static excitation systems, and starters for auxiliary equipment in all types of power plants and renewable energy facilities. Nidec ASI’s products and services have a wide range of applications, including for energy savings and environmental sustainability, and its cogeneration solutions are designed to ensure grid stability. The company also acts as a main contractor for the installation of small power generation solutions. The company’s in-house power management system, called ARTICS Smart Energy, is a smart microgrid (above), a subset of a larger power grid connected with generators and loads. The microgrid, controlled by smart infrastructure—the power management system—can be an independent grid providing an area with electricity, and is useful for rural electrification projects, with lower installation costs compared to larger, traditional infrastructure projects. Nidec ASI has installed more than 400 MWh of its Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) worldwide. The system has a wide range of uses to power electronics, including excitation systems, LV and MV soft starters, electric industrial rectifiers, and static VAR compensators. Booth 3035 — Nidec Industrial Solutions, Milano, Italy

Ultrasound Testing and Machinery Lubrication as Part of an Asset Condition Management Program

Figure 3 - Kobelco - Oil-Injected Screw Gas Compressor

Keeping machinery in top running condition requires more than just spit and polish. LUDECA provides predictive and proactive maintenance solutions, including laser alignment, ultrasound testing, vibration analysis, and balancing equipment, along with related software, rentals, services, and training. LUDECA believes that ultrasound testing and machinery lubrication are key to a successful asset condition management program, because the benefits of reliability and the cost savings from smooth operation can be substantial. LUDECA’s LUBExpert, powered by SDT, combines SDT’s measurement capabilities and user interface to create an onboard lubrication and greasing assistant. Algorithms guide lube-techs before, during, and after re-greasing (above), which results in optimal lubrication parameters on all assets. LUBExpert monitors each stroke of grease and its effect on bearing friction and temperature, and before and after bearing conditions receive a “good,” “bad,” or “suspect” status report. LUBExpert includes software—the ULTRANALYSIS SUITE (UAS)—that powers its data management aspects. With UAS, users can design specific lubrication routes and set maintenance intervals based on either calendar or condition. It ensures the use of the right lubricant, in the right location, at the right time, in the right quantity, and provides the right indicators for lubrication and bearing condition. Booth 2735 — Ludeca Inc., Doral, Florida

Compressors for Air and Process Gas Applications

Figure 4 - CFturbo

Kobelco designs, manufactures, and packages compressors for virtually any air and process gas application. Each system is custom-engineered for optimum performance. Kobelco designs its products to boost productivity, reduce operating costs, and safeguard the environment. With expertise in all compressor technologies, Kobelco can recommend and engineer the optimal compressor for specific applications. Its compressors include screw gas compressors (above), both oil-free and oil-injected. Kobelco integrally geared centrifugal gas compressors can be used for a range of process gas applications, including CO, CO2, Cl2, O2, NH3, hydrocarbon gas, natural gas, LNG, nitrogen and process air, with cryogenic services to –200C (–330F). The company’s single-shaft centrifugal compressors (multistage and single stage) have uses for refinery, petrochemical (PE/PP), NH3, and methanol services. Booth 2746 — Kobelco Compressors America, Houston, Texas

Engineering Software, Workflows, and Simulation to Boost Efficiency and Optimize Design and Product Development

Figure 5 - LUDECA

Moving from design point to a 3-D model in just a few minutes. That’s what CFturbo promises with its software for interactive design of turbomachinery. The software allows a designer to start from scratch, or redesign an existing geometry. Its modules help with the design of radial and mixed-flow impellers for pumps, ventilators, turbines, and compressors (above); axial impellers for pumps, ventilators, and turbines; and casings for stators and volutes. CFturbo also helps with automatable workflows from conceptual design, to simulation, to the final product. That’s all part of the company’s engineering services that can help with projects such as milling tool path calculation and simulation, for use in work such as the machining of a compressor impeller. CFturbo offers consultancy and support in the introduction of CAE methods, along with services for the design, post-calculation, and optimization of turbomachinery.  Booth 1511 — CFturbo, Houston, Texas

Efficient Control of Compressors and Pumps

Figure 6 - Voith VECO-Drive

Industry always is looking for operational efficiency. Controlling the speed of machinery is important in that regard; Voith’s solution is the VECO-Drive (above), which steps up input speed and generates a high output speed for compressors and pumps. The VECO-Drive is installed between a constant-speed motor and a variable-speed compressor or pump. It combines the reliability of mechanical gears with the productivity of low-voltage VFDs. Since additional power is supplied to the drive train, a smaller main motor can be used, which saves on capital expenditures. Servo motors can be used as starters to protect the electric grid from high inrush currents, and the electrical superimposing gear is an efficient way to make speed variable. Voith’s engineers designed the system for compressor and pump applications with a maximum output speed of 15,000 rpm, maximum output power of 15 MW, and a speed adjustment range from 50% to 100%. Compared to a typical full-scale medium-voltage VFD train with a step-up gearbox, the measured system efficiency of a VECO-Drive is about 2% higher over the whole speed range. Thus, the VECO-Drive system reduces annual energy consumption by more than 2,000 MWh compared to a comparable VFD system. Its component efficiency is rated at up to 97%.  Booth 2145 — Voith Turbo Inc., Crailsheim, Germany

Maintenance Solutions for Rotating Industrial Equipment

Figure 7 - Sulzer centrifugal pump

Sulzer’s maintenance solutions include management of work from design stage through to final site installation. Its services are aimed at turbines, compressors, pumps, generators, and large motors; with full refurbishments of rotor blades and coils available, supported by Sulzer’s in-house manufacturing capabilities. Sulzer encourages conference attendees to talk with its onsite experts and discuss how the company’s services can work in a variety of applications. Sulzer has a range of pumps (above) designed to provide high performance in tough environments. The company will showcase its 3-D printing capabilities at TPS; Sulzer uses 3-D printing to create components such as turbine blades. Sulzer’s 3-D printing expedites production compared to traditional casting, offering reduced lead-time and minimizing customer downtime. Booth 2023 — Sulzer, Winterthur, Switzerland

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