THE BIG PICTURE: Water-Cooled Reactors

A “who’s doing what” addendum to "THE BIG PICTURE: Advanced Fission" in our November 2012 issue.

Canada: Federal review continues of the 700-MW Enhanced CANDU-6 design; Candu Energy continues development of the ACR-1000.

China: Twenty-six pressurized water reactors (PWRs) are under construction as China builds evolutionary PWRs based on the AP1000 (CAP-1400 and CAP-1700) and EPR designs. China recently connected a domestically designed CPR 1000 reactor to the grid (Ling-Ao-4).

France: AREVA’s 1,600-MW EPR is under construction at Flamanville; the 1,100-MW ATMEA PWR received French design approval in February 2012. France is also working on the 1,250-MW KERENA BWR with Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Germany’s E.ON.

India: Five reactors are under construction in India—three domestically developed evolutionary 700-MW pressurized heavy water reactors (PHWRs) and two Russian 1-GW water-cooled water-moderated power reactors (WWERs). Design of a 300-MW Advanced Heavy Water Reactor (AHWR), which will use thorium with heavy water moderation, is being finalized.

Japan: Two ABWRs already exist in Japan, and two others are under construction at Ohma and Shimane 3. Development continues on 600-MW, 900-MW, and 1,700-MW ABWRs and the ABWR-II. Review of U.S. and European versions of the APWR continues.

Russia: Construction of eight WWER reactors continues (including WWER-1000s and WWER-1200s). Plans to develop WWER-1200A, 600, and 1800 are progressing.

South Korea: Construction of the first APR-1400 is progressing; parallel development of 1,500-MW APR+ and APR-1000 continues. 

U.S.: Construction of two AP1000s has begun at Plant Vogtle in Georgia. Certification of the Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR) is under way.

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