Vertical Nuclear Waste Cask Transporter

Intelliport Corp.’s newly introduced self-loading OmniLoader can safely and efficiently move nuclear spent fuel using proven fluid suspension technology. Licensed to Wheelift Systems, the vertical cask transporter is a self-loading pneumatic-tired carrier that engages the cask at the bottom, to then lift and carry, allowing for more efficient movement within and between independent spent fuel storage installations (ISFSI) without needing to comply with single-failure proofing. Operating on independent fluid suspension axles with air-filled jumbo jet tires, the OmniLoader also features Wheelift’s signature SynchroSteer for all-direction travel over challenging and diverse surfaces. The self-loading transporter is operated remotely, thereby significantly reducing dosage exposure risks to operators and crew. Absence of an overhead lifting beam allows the transporter to engage and lift the loaded cask only enough to clear the floor before driving out of the fuel building and directly to the ISFSI pad. (

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