Palmer Wahl Instruments Inc. has introduced a new line of digital pressure test gauges that includes the Palmer 3PC Auto Ranging Digital Pressure Test Gauge (shown here), which spans a pressure range of vacuum to 3,000 psi. Featuring an accuracy of 0.1%, and with the capacity to read nine different units of measure, the 3PC eliminates the need for many different gauges, Palmer says.

The company also recently launched new calibration pumps in both hydraulic and combination pneumatic versions. The PP10K Hydraulic Calibration Pump uses a patented fully adjustable stroke control to allow for fast priming or filling of test systems and is compatible with most hydraulic fluids, oils, and water. For pneumatic applications, the Palmer PP600 Combo Pneumatic Calibration Pump can create a pressure range from 28 inches of mercury up to 6,000 psi. This new pneumatic calibration pump allows the user to choose slow or rapid pressure venting and features a patented protective cage surrounding the vent knob for better control. (