White Paper

Turn Down the Power

Given that electricity prices present a long-term upward trend, the imperative for greater energy efficiency is becoming more urgent. While regulation and legislation do have some effect in forcing change in the business community, a compelling business case — with clear methodology, reliable return on investment and financial efficiency — is much more powerful.

Finance directors and plant managers have to prioritize their efforts, focusing investment on projects that offer significant savings, that do not tie up large amounts of scarce capital, and that deliver annual efficiencies in the long term. Investing in more energy-efficient industrial technology fulfills all of these criteria.

This white paper describes the background evidence for rising energy prices and limited access to credit. It then seeks to quantify one of many areas in industry where significant energy efficiency gains can be made (implementing variable frequency drives) in order to give a tangible idea of the potential sums that you could be saving. Finally, the paper describes the financing techniques that make sense, in terms of return on investment and cash flow management.

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