White Paper

Gaseous Vs Diesel Fuel Gensets

Traditionally, the choice between diesel-fueled and gaseous-fueled generators has been relatively straightforward. Power density as well as capital cost advantages in large-kilowatt applications typically favored diesel for standby power of 150 kilowatts of electricity (kWE) or more—large commercial and industrial standby applications.

However, technological innovations are making gaseous-fueled generators both more powerful and more cost effective. Additionally, issues of fuel storage and reliability in diesel-fueled generators are becoming a bigger challenge.

Finally, as more and more companies seek to reduce their carbon footprints, they are more open to options that are more environmentally friendly. As a result, standby generator system designers, electrical contractors and electrical engineers have significantly more gas-fueled options than they had before.

As stand-by power becomes more and more critical in today’s generation marketplace so to have the options available to power generators. This whitepaper will examine the differences between diesel and gas-fueled standby products and offer some solutions for power generators.

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