Available on demand until May 30, 2020


Hosted By: POWER
Sponsored By: Sierra Wireless

The shift from private radio, low-bandwidth communication networks to public cellular networks has transformed how utility companies manage assets, infrastructure, operations and serve their customers.

The relative low cost and ease of using cellular technology has been driving many utilities to adopt Long-Term Evolution (LTE) cellular networks over the past few years. However, there remains a level of skepticism and unease with LTE technology as a primary means of connecting assets in their distribution network. Even with improved overall accessibility to data, many questions remain on whether the cellular networks can provide all the required capabilities for utility companies.

Join our industry experts for this insightful 60-minute webinar as we discuss how LTE cellular networks can help improve grid intelligence and operations, data management, how the public cellular networking compares to other communication networks (such as radio mesh, fixed point-to-point, private cellular, etc.) including technical choices for investments and explore the future evolution of connected IoT for utilities.

What the attendees will learn
  • Current and future industry trends for LTE technologies
  • The convergence of private and public networks and how they can co-exist (hybrid solutions)
  • Future proofing your organization; adoption of new technologies and how to bridge the gap
  • Recommendations for working with the right solution providers
Hear from these experts  
Jay Olearain
Product Director of IoT Solutions, Global Products and Solutions,

Jay has worked in the wireless industry for 30 years and is a 26-year veteran of Verizon Wireless. During his career with Verizon he has worked with in various groups including: Network Operations, RF Engineering, Sales Engineering, Sales Management and Enterprise Data Solutions. Jay managed channel development for nPhase, a Verizon Wireless and Qualcomm joint venture focused on IoT2 platform services. Currently, Jay leads the product strategy and portfolio management for Verizon’s Industrial Internet Solutions including, Asset Management, Critical Asset Tracking and Grid Wide utility solutions.

Warren Westrup
Director Business Development – Utility & Industrial Sectors,
Sierra Wireless

In his role at Sierra Wireless, Warren partners with utility consultants, OEMs and telecom carriers so they can take full advantage of Sierra Wireless’ solutions. Prior to Sierra Wireless, Warren was director of Connected Solutions at Verizon where he helped develop and deliver IOT solutions that combined machine-to-machine connectivity with Verizon’s enterprise platforms and other services including: telematics, dynamic cloud, security and professional services, along with Verizon’s global Internet protocol and 4G LTE networks.