Sierra Wireless

Modernizing Utility Infrastructure: Smart, but Not Always Secure

To increase operational efficiency, utilities are migrating more to smart grids which integrates traditional grid infrastructure with sensor and communication technologies to collect and process large amounts of data. With a large complex network composed of millions of devices and remote entities connected with each other, such a massive network comes with many security concerns and potential vulnerabilities. This webinar provides key insights into the building blocks in security solutions for the smart grid network to mitigate risk for the modern utility infrastructure.

Available on demand until September 18, 2020

Demystifying LTE and Cellular IoT Technology for Utility Companies

Join our industry experts for this insightful 60-minute webinar as we discuss how LTE cellular networks can help improve grid intelligence and operations, data management, how the public cellular networking compares to other communication networks (such as radio mesh, fixed point-to-point, private cellular, etc.) including technical choices for investments and explore the future evolution of connected IoT for utilities.

Available on demand until May 30, 2020