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Show Preview: Connected Plant Conference

POWER and Chemical Engineering magazines are hosting the fifth annual Connected Plant Conference (CPC), taking place Aug. 30–Sept. 1, 2021, at the Renaissance Austin Hotel in Austin, Texas. CPC is the only event specifically covering the digital transformation taking place in the power generation and chemical process industries. CPC includes a look at the technology moving the power generation sector forward, including data and analytics, and provides detailed information about digital technologies for process, product, and enterprise improvements for chemical processing. Regardless of ownership structure, fleet size, or fuel, new digital cloud-computing operational and management tools are available to help those in the power generation and chemical processing industries reap more from investments.

CPC attendees can network with colleagues who are using the latest connected plant tools. Speakers (Figure 1) will provide access to information from power generators and chemical plant operators that have adopted the latest digital monitoring, diagnostic, analytics, Industrial Internet of Things, and decision-support technologies. Vendor representatives will be available to discuss the challenges you face and what capabilities are on the wish list for your facility and business. Attendees will get a firm grasp on the new digital operating environment, and what solutions will work for your plant. Here’s a look at some of the products and services companies participating in this year’s event are showcasing.

1. Lockheed Martin’s Principal Artificial Intelligence Strategist Chris Benson gave a keynote presentation titled “Artificial Intelligence—From Hype to Potential” during the 2020 Connected Plant Conference. Source: POWER

Honeywell Offers Asset Performance Management

Honeywell Forge Asset Performance Management (APM) goes beyond traditional machine monitoring and data gathering. By merging together decades of machine modeling experience with modern cloud analytics, Honeywell digital twins predict machinery availability, drill to the root cause of inefficient machine operation, and bring order to reliability and maintenance planning. Honeywell’s APM deploys rapidly through a wealth of standard asset libraries and tools to integrate data sources quickly. To achieve peak asset performance and maximize machinery uptime, hydrocarbon processing plants, refineries, power generators, and others should understand the step-change that cloud-based APM provides toward achieving greater enterprise asset management, even where pre-existing monitoring systems are already installed. In asset-intensive environments, businesses face pressure to compete through maximized uptime and efficiency of their industrial operations, and investments in software technologies can reap rewards. Honeywell, Charlotte, North Carolina

GE Digital Puts Data to Work and Delivers Positive Outcomes 

GE Digital transforms how our customers solve their toughest challenges by putting industrial data to work. Our mission is to bring simplicity, speed, and scale to digital transformation activities, with industrial software that delivers breakthrough business outcomes. GE Digital’s product portfolio—including asset and operations performance management—helps industrial companies in the utility, power generation, and oil & gas sectors change the way industry works. GE Digital, San Ramon, California

Seeq Provides Solutions to Operational Challenges

Seeq addresses the current hype around predictive analytics, machine learning, and data science, fostering solutions to the real challenges faced by an analytics-driven organization. Seeq is the first application dedicated to process data analytics—searching data, adding context, cleansing, modeling, finding patterns, establishing boundaries, monitoring assets, and interacting with time-series data like never before. Seeq can tap the expertise of your team, supporting collaboration and knowledge capture to enable better sharing and reuse of analytics efforts, and providing the ability for your group to rapidly distribute insights to the people who need them to quickly improve outcomes. Seeq applications enable the complete lifecycle of advanced analytics, from first connecting to data to landing insights in improved business and production results. Seeq, Seattle, Washington

Mitsubishi Power Enables O&M Upgrades

Mitsubishi Power provides solutions for power plant operators looking for digital solutions to upgrade their operations and maintenance know-how. The company’s TOMONI system is a customizable suite of user-driven, digital power plant solutions fueled by cutting-edge analytics and a world of experience. The system turns a mountain of big data into valuable actionable insights that can increase your power plant efficiency and profitability. Mitsubishi can enable faster troubleshooting for power plants, along with an optimal maintenance plan to improve plant uptime availability through single window. The company’s solutions also support energy-saving and CO2 reduction by improving heat rate through diagnosis and plant refurbishment. Using TOMONI enables power plant operators to inherit the skills of experts with operational know-how, providing digital empowerment. Mitsubishi Power, Yokohama, Japan

Uniper Offers Enerlytics Platform

Digitization is a major shift for the energy sector, with new ways to use plant data important to supporting the transformation of the electricity sector. Uniper’s Enerlytics digital solution provides powerful and relevant support to your facility’s ability to unlock value of your data and transform it into timely actionable insights. Enerlytics will help you navigate today’s strategic changes, and maximize income and reduce risk, by unlocking the value of your data and giving you bespoke digital tools to solve specific plant challenges. Crucially, it will help you optimize your assets and operations without the need for large capital investment, and bring a faster return on investment. Uniper has created a service that can help plant managers and operators respond to the transformation in energy markets and meet environmental standards. Uniper, Dusseldorf, Germany

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