Flaw-finding family

GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies’ new family of ultrasonic flaw detectors incorporates conventional and phased array ultrasound technology in three upgradeable models: Phasor CV, Phasor 16/16 Weld, and Phasor XS. Each solution, designed for applications ranging from corrosion monitoring to defect detection and sizing, is compliant with all major inspection codes.

The Phasor XS (shown here), which provides the highest resolution and probability of inspection of the family, includes timed or encoded TOPView software for corrosion mapping. The Phasor 16/16 Weld offers phased array and conventional capability and produces full-color image scans that can be stored as a JPG for remote analysis or archiving. A portable device, the Phasor 16/16 Weld is supplied with a weld probe and package, making it ideal for detecting cracking, lack of fusion, inclusions, or porosity in welds. The Phasor CV is a conventional single-channel ultrasound flaw detector. Users can begin with the Phasor XS and have access to all capabilities or begin with the Phasor CV and expand the solution as inspection needs change. (

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