A Challenge to Climate True Believers

By Kennedy Maize
Washington, D.C., 6 June 2010 — I’m offering a challenge and opportunity to those of you who believe that the science of global warming is settled: take a look at an informed contrary view.
Last month, I wrote in this blog about noted physicist Will Happer, and his proposal to create a “Team B” to challenge the conventional wisdom on warming.

Happer was appearing, along with physicist Roger Cohen, a prominent activist among the fellows of the American Physical Society, at a Washington meeting sponsored by the Marshall Institute, long a cool-bed of climate skepticism. I attended, and it was a far-ranging and intellectually meaty meeting.

Now, a video of that event is available from the Marshall Society. Regardless of your views on the climate, this is worth spending 82 minutes of your time. And I’d particularly like to hear from those in the tank for the alarmists. But if you do want to comment, here’s a basic rule: no personal attacks. Make an ad hominem attack, and your posting won’t see the light of day on this blog.

While I’m in the link mode, here are some other recent posts on other sites you may find interesting, informative, or amusing:

* Mark Mills, a veteran conservative energy gadfly and intellectual provocateur, has a fine article on smart grid issues in Forbes magazine.

* David Archibald, Aussie geologist and solar cycle expert, on “Why scientists get it wrong” in Australia’s Quadrant magazine.

* Economist Robert Michaels in Rob Bradley’s MasterResource blog does a thorough, well-deserved trashing of a recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce report on energy security.

Good reading.