The Growing Tide of Data – Prosumer to Grid and Beyond

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Behind-The-Meter (BTM) DER and EV assets shape the prosumer landscape for utilities; the “last-mile connectivity”, requires a more coordinated and integrated approach that can enable the power grid of the future to achieve the maximum value with management of wired and non-wire alternatives data. This webinar will discuss the industry challenges, pressures, requirements, and solutions to the next data onrush approaching to deliver a reliable and resilient power grid.

• Hear about utility’s priorities, challenges and solutions from the recent AVEVA Utility Executive Summit held in Sonoma, California
• Learn how “data” plays a significant role in the world of a bi-directional, dynamic and most complex end-to-end energy supply chain, due to resources intermittency, unscheduled and the exponentially increased DER / BTM assets that include the rapid growth of EVs.
• Understand EVs impact on grid operations and T&D planning
• See some best practices and data framework architecture of industry collaboration and cooperation to convert challenges to opportunities