Available on demand until September 18, 2020


Hosted By: POWER
Sponsored By: Sierra Wireless

Utility companies today face challenges on many fronts—meeting consumer expectations and regulatory requirements, addressing aging infrastructure and maximizing profits. To maintain market agility, utilities must adapt to change more quickly, increase their focus on value-added services and continue to monitor, control and manage the demands of customers.

To increase operational efficiency, utilities are migrating more to smart grids which integrates traditional grid infrastructure with sensor and communication technologies to collect and process large amounts of data. With a large complex network composed of millions of devices and remote entities connected with each other, such a massive network comes with many security concerns and potential vulnerabilities.

This webinar provides key insights into the building blocks in security solutions for the smart grid network to mitigate risk for the modern utility infrastructure.

Viewers Will Learn

  • A snapshot of modernizing efforts in technology and market developments
  • Recommendations for cybersecurity investments
  • How to assess your level of security readiness with a Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model
  • Considerations for deploying secure IoT solutions and selecting the right partners

Hear from these experts  

Dan Shey
Vice President, Enabling Platforms,
ABI Research

Dan Shey, Vice President, Enabling Platforms, at ABI Research, manages the M2M, IoT & IoE and Digital Security research services, which cover the telecom,  industrial, IT and OT ecosystems with a focus on devices, connectivity, platforms, applications, big data/analytics, convergence, and strategic analysis of the entire IoT value chain extending from devices through value-added services. He plays an essential role in helping clients decipher the complex relationships and opportunities across the “digital first” and “physical first” domains.

Andrew Johnson
Senior Product Manager, AirLink Networking Solutions
Sierra Wireless

Andrew Johnson is Senior Product Manager, AirLink Networking Solutions. Andrew brings over 15 years of experience in a wide range of industries from industrial robotics to high performance supercomputing. Prior to joining Sierra Wireless, Andrew was a product manager at PMC-Sierra. There he was part of a team developing RF integrated circuits for cellular base station equipment.