Available on demand until May 18, 2022


Top quality Ultrasonic Clamp on flow meters are used in all sorts of applications for liquid, gas and steam. One of the applications uses the low flow capability of these meters. Valve leakage is an efficiency deficit. One application in particular is monitoring attemperator spray valve leakage. Use of a superior technology enables Ultrasonic Flow Meters (UFM) to monitor very low flows such as valve leakage. This appears to be a very common problem with all boilers regardless of the fuel type. We will discuss how the UFM can be a great tool in monitoring and trouble shooting all valve leakage and other low flow applications in the Power Industry.

Steam is the most common denominator in power production. A non-intrusive solution to measure steam could be the answer. UFM, especially the clamp on UFM, is a game changer when it comes to measurement of steam. In this session we will discuss the technology that is used to measure these high temperature applications from outside of the pipe. We’ll also discuss how this measurement can be utilized for different applications and industries.

Please join us for this discussion of Ultrasonic Flow Measurement that can be utilized in the Power Industry.