The new Wheelift Self-Propelled Modular Transporter increases safety in spent fuel cask transport and alignment for NUHOMS-type ISFSI installations by reducing worker exposure because only one person is needed to operate the transporter from between 30 feet and 50 feet away. The transporter’s omni-directional steering and 10-inch lift capability enables the same operator to perform alignments remotely to within 1/32nd of an inch while eliminating the need for an independent leveling and alignment system. Efficiencies are also improved, Wheelift says, because the omni-directional travel capability allows for greater storage density. The transfer cask can also be removed from the transporter deck to allow the unit to perform other heavy haul tasks.

An onboard diesel-driven generator powers the transporter as well as the transfer cask ram’s hydraulic power unit. An alternative shore power connector is available for near-silent operation as a backup system. A custom-designed cask support skid atop its deck and the push cylinder fitted with an electrically actuated grapple eliminate the possibility of a broken hydraulic line that could potentially contaminate the horizontal storage module. (