FPT Industrial reaffirms its commitment to pioneering sustainable power solutions by displaying its Cursor X power source concept for the first time in North America at the 2019 Power-Generation International trade show in New Orleans, Louisiana (booth #2611).

“We are excited to give Power-Gen attendees the opportunity to experience FPT’s vision of the next generation of alternative power,” said Braden Cammauf, FPT Industrial North America. “On behalf of our brand, I’d like to invite you to join us at Power-Gen to learn more about the Cursor X and explore the rest of the FPT Industrial lineup.”

FPT Industrial displayed its Cursor X power source concept at POWERGEN 2019.

The Cursor X concept was developed to push today’s concept of alternative fuel capabilities and provide a window to FPT Industrial’s vision for the future, which will be defined by four characteristics: multi-power, modular, multi-application, and mindful.


The Cursor X concept would adapt to provide the most suitable power solution to meet each customer’s individual needs, providing a choice of natural gas internal combustion, hydrogen fuel cell electric generation, or battery-stored energy. These options provide power combinations from pure electric to parallel and serial hybrid. Energy transfer to the wheels would change accordingly with the power source, with the option of a mechanical transmission to be couples with electric drivelines.


Since it is designed to be the same size as an internal combustion engine, the Cursor X features a modular architecture that allows for easy assembly, vehicle integration, service, and scalability. The modularity would allow the solution to be implemented with all FPT Industrial engine families in a wide range of power nodes.


Thanks to its wide range of options, the Cursor X is designed to supply energy for traction, auxiliary systems, implements, and PTOs to any kind of industrial vehicle or machine – from delivery vans and buses, to small dozers and crawler excavators, to specialty tractors and even combines. The solution could also be offered as a pre-validated standard package for low volume products that require electrification.


The Cursor X concept has also designed to have a self-learning capability to provide a significant amount of information for future hardware and software design developments. It could be equipped with processors and sensors that recognize anomalies, analyze wear and tear, and predict maintenance needs. It could also be connected to the Internet for continuous communications with owners and operators, sending valuable data.

To learn more about the Cursor X concept, visit www.fptindustrial.com