New Shaft Design Eliminates Leaks

Conventional pump mechanical seals, lip/contact seals, and packing as sealing methods work well when you’re pumping clean liquids, but operators eventually find shaft fretting and wear on the sleeves and shaft when pumping high-solids liquids.

To solve this problem, Inpro/Seal Co. recently released its new Water Mizer Shaft Seal, which uses water to maintain the seal. Typical applications include screw conveyors, mixers, rotary valves, feeders, clinker grinders, scales, dust collectors, classifiers, screens, pulverizers, crushers, coolers, aerators, mixers, agitators, and transfer pumps.

The shaft "floats" on a water barrier directly on the shaft, which provides unlimited axial movement without placing any stress or strain on the product. Without any moving parts, the seal attains zero contact, zero wear, and zero frictional drag. Also, the Inpro/Seal Shaft Seals are custom-engineered to suit individual applications and are easy to install on existing pumps. Split designs allow for installation directly on the shaft without the removal of couplings and end plates. (

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