POWER [November, 1 2008]

Cover Stories

Beaver Valley Power Station, Shippingport, Pennsylvania

Top Plant: Nuclear plant owners understand the economic importance of squeezing every last megawatt-hour from their power generation assets and minimizing outage durations. When First Energy assumed operating responsibility for Beaver Valley, the plant's operating record was unspectacular, but today the plant has established itself as a routine top-quartile performer, thanks in part to its Full Potential Program.

Map of nuclear power plants in North America

Courtesy: Platts Data source: Platts Energy Advantage and POWERmap. All rights reserved.

St. Lucie Nuclear Generating Station, Unit 2, Hutchinson Island, Florida

Top Plant: The team that handled this reactor vessel head and steam generator replacement project set a new industry standard for integrating a highly complex maintenance outage.


Acceptable alternatives to titanium tubing

As an alternative to titanium, consider highly alloyed stainless steels for your next tubing project.

Laser scanning produces 3-D plant database

Advanced computer design tools have merged with high-definition laser camera scan data to produce integrated images that are particularly useful for outage and maintenance planning.

Scenario training improves emergency response preparedness

A key maxim of the military is "train like you fight, and fight like you train." The same applies to emergency response training, which should be a part of a…

Under construction in South Africa

This summary of power generation projects is a web-only supplement to the November 2008 special report titled “Whistling in the dark: Inside South Africa’s power crisis.”

Whistling in the dark: Inside South Africa’s power crisis

Eskom's cautionary tale should remind those involved in the power industry anywhere in the world that past performance is not a guarantee of future success.

Workforce management lessons from women in power generation

Do you have enough women working in your power plant? Forget for a moment equal opportunity laws. More important is the knowledge that the programs and culture changes that would make women more likely to consider a plant career are the same ones that would make it more attractive to many younger men.



How unconventional fields are powering Texas

In the 1980s, Houston wildcatter George Mitchell drilled the first well into the Barnett Shale formation that stretches through north and central Texas. He tapped into what would turn out to be one of the most prolific and valuable onshore natural gas reserves in the United States.

New Products

Pre-engineered water treatment components

This August, Aquatech International Corp. announced it had expanded its WATERTRAK pre-engineered water treatment components to include six new L-series products. These include multi-media filters, activated carbon filters, reverse osmosis…

Putting a neck on the line

Bernard Welding Equipment has introduced a new Metal Inert Gas (MIG) gun Neck Grip and Neck Coupler to improve operator comfort and access to difficult-to-reach joints. Made of a high-temperature…

Reliable logic

Power and automation company Schneider Electric this September launched the Square D PowerLogic Branch Circuit Power Meter (BCPM), an advanced metering product designed to assist data center managers, engineers, and…

Rope scope

Karl Storz’s new 6-mm videoscope combines measurement capabilities with ease-of-use features in an advanced multipoint measuring system. Quartz glass limits the risk of scratching the lens while significantly brighter optics…

Vibration analyzer for hazardous areas

VIBXPERT EX, the new two-channel FFT data collector and signal analyzer from LUDECA Inc. monitors and diagnoses machine conditions for potentially hazardous environments that require explosion-proof systems. The VIBXPERT EX…

Vise versa

In-house testing of the new Hydraulic Vise Column with patented swivel coupling from Jergens Inc. achieved up to a 50% reduction in production time when compared to the manual version…

Legal & Regulatory

California’s GHG plan gives power heaviest load

On Sept. 12, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and California Energy Commission (CEC) took the next step in the implementation of Assembly Bill (AB) 32, California’s ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – reduction initiative, with the release of a 300-page proposed decision on GHG regulatory strategies.

Focus on O&M

JCP&L's SCADA-controlled adaptive relay scheme saves 25 SAIDI impact minutes

In 2005, Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L), a subsidiary of Akron, Ohio – based FirstEnergy Corp., initiated a project to identify protection system improvements that could be made to…

Securing continuous mobile data connections

For busy staff in the field, nothing is more frustrating than having laptop computers or smart phones crash due to lost connections when those devices lose wireless coverage. Often, important…

Global Monitor

Advanced tidal stream project planned for UK coast

Scotland is strategically placed at the widening funnel in which the churning waters of the North Sea meet those of the Norwegian Sea. The region is thought to have 25%…

Debunking the Chinese coal monster myth

A detailed analysis of power plants in China by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) debunks the widespread notion that outmoded energy technology or the utter absence of…

Flywheel technology nears commercial deployment

An integrated matrix of 10 high-power flywheels built and tested by Beacon Power Corp. earlier this year successfully absorbed and supplied a full megawatt of electricity, the energy storage technology…

POWER digest (November 2008)

News items of interest to power industry professionals. Mitsubishi to supply gas turbines to Endesa. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. (MHI) said in September it had received a full turnkey order…

U.S. starts smiling at nuclear power

The year 2008 is shaping up nicely for nuclear power in the U.S. Since September 2007, when NRG Energy and the South Texas Project Nuclear Operating Co. filed the first…

Vattenfall inaugurates first CCS pilot plant

On Sept. 9, Sweden’s Vattenfall inaugurated the world’s first demonstration plant that connects carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology in a full-chain working system. The inauguration of the pilot plant…

Speaking of Power

The nuclear option

Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman spoke at the recent 2008 Nuclear Energy Summit that was convened to discuss the importance of nuclear power to a healthy U.S. economy.

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