Reliable logic

Power and automation company Schneider Electric this September launched the Square D PowerLogic Branch Circuit Power Meter (BCPM), an advanced metering product designed to assist data center managers, engineers, and operators in delivering reliable power to critical applications. The PowerLogic BCPM monitors the power and energy usage of up to 84 branch circuits, as well as the main incoming feeds in a power panel or power distribution unit. Unlike other products that only fit a specific hardware vendor’s platform, it can fit any power distribution unit or remote power panel design. The BCPM is also flexible enough for new or retrofit installations.

With the widest dynamic monitoring range available, the PowerLogic BCPM accurately monitors loads from ¼ amp to 100 amps. The enhanced alarm features differentiate between low load levels and zero current flow, indicating a tripped circuit breaker. To provide advance warning of abnormal conditions, four configurable alarm points are available, helping to increase power system reliability. (

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