Available on demand until June 23, 2022


The ultrasonic sensor is the foundation for a reliable gas flow measurement in today’s power plant emissions stacks. Therefore, optimum adaptation of the sensor for a specific application is critical to obtain best meter performance. In this webinar, you’ll learn about innovative sensor solutions for challenging application conditions, as seen in very wet and high velocity gas steams.

Ensuring high reliability of the flow measurement is as important as accurate measurement, and this must be achieved even when faced with non-ideal installation conditions. Single probe solutions can provide minimal installation costs when faced with limited space. Multipath meter configurations can be utilized to compensate where variable profile disturbances are present.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:
• Innovative gas flow measurement using ultrasound technology
• Application possibilities and installation examples
• How modern ultrasonic flow meters offer significant advantages for current and future demands of continuous emissions monitoring
• Individual device solutions for selected installation examples
• An overview of actual diagnostic capabilities of ultrasonic technology and CEM systems (integrity check)