[VIDEO] POWER Insights: Developing Reliable, and Efficient, Energy Solutions

Ameresco has a 20-year history of providing energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions for its customers across North America and the UK. The company works on upgrades of facility infrastructure, and develops, builds, and operates renewable energy plants.

The company also works with customers on tailored financial solutions to bring projects to fruition. Ameresco’s business engages with clients on both sides of the meter, with an eye toward reducing operating expenses, upgrading and maintaining facilities, stabilizing energy costs, and increasing energy reliability.

Ameresco was founded in 2000 by George Sakellaris, a pioneer in the energy service business. Much of the company’s recent work centers around microgrids, as Ameresco works to provide more reliable and resilient power both in support of the grid, and for installations off the grid. Among its projects is a comprehensive energy solution for the U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island in South Carolina (Figure 1), and a microgrid at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Maine.

The company has discussed its work at POWER’s Distributed Energy Conference, and other facets of Ameresco’s work have been featured in POWER, including a wastewater treatment plant in Arizona.

Nicole Bulgarino, executive vice president and general manager, Federal Solutions, for Ameresco recently provided POWER with insight into the company’s operations, particularly its work with the federal government. Bulgarino has overseen the development and implementation of more than $2 billion in federal energy projects, including deep energy retrofits, advanced microgrids, and customer-sited power purchase agreements.

Ameresco’s work with the federal government includes this microgrid installation at the Marine Corps’ recruiting station at Parris Island, South Carolina. Courtesy: Ameresco

“Because of the unique federal customer, we have long agreed that it’s great to have a standalone business unit that is very familiar not only with just contract acquisition but also safety, QC [quality control] requirements and things of that nature, specific to our federal business unit,” she said.

Bulgarino talks about her role at Ameresco, the company’s work with energy efficiency and renewable energy, and the challenges of working with government agencies in this latest edition of our POWER Insights series.

Nicole Bulgarino of Ameresco provides information about the company’s work with energy efficiency and renewable energy, including her role as leader of Ameresco’s group that works with the federal government.

Darrell Proctor is associate editor for POWER (@DarrellProctor1, @POWERmagazine).

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