Rotary Peristaltic Pump

The new portable, nonmetallic Flex-I-Liner rotary peristaltic pump from Vanton Pump and Equipment Corp. evacuates drums and totes containing acids, caustics, salts, chlorides, and reagent grade chemicals, without corrosion of the pump or contamination of the fluid. The self-priming design has no seals to leak or valves to clog and can run dry for extended periods without damage. Compact in size, with an integral handle, it fits on drum lids without protruding and has sufficient lift characteristics to operate from the floor, skid, or stand. Only two nonmetallic parts contact fluid: a thermoplastic body block and an elastomeric flexible liner that can be replaced in the field without special tools.

A rotor mounted on an eccentric shaft oscillates within the flexible liner, imparting a progressive squeegee action on the fluid trapped in the channel between the liner and the body block. Flanges on the flexible liner are pressed to the side of the body block by concentric grooves on the bracket assembly and the cover plate, isolating the fluid to the channel. The wide choice of thermoplastics and elastomers in which these pumps are available permits their use over the full pH range and for an extensive list of corrosive, volatile, and viscous fluids. The pump is suitable for flows from 0.33 gallons per minute (gpm) to 40 gpm and pressures to 45 psig at temperatures to 250F. (

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