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Sharp Introduces New High Efficiency (19.1%) Mono PV Modules

3 April 2018 – Sharp today launches three new monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) panels to the NU product family. The renewed line-up of high performing modules offer customers a solution for every application, from residential projects up to large-scale commercial installations and free-field power plants.

The following three modules are available to buy now from Sharp and its partners:
NU-AH370: 370W, 72 cells
NU-AK310: 310W, 60 cells
NU-AK300B: 300W, 60 cells, all black

All three modules, the NU-AH370, NU-AK310 and NU-AK300B, can be mounted in portrait or landscape to maximise sunlight capture and suit the performance needs of different projects. They all incorporate innovative PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) technology for high efficiency.

The NU-AH370 offers the highest power output of 370W with 72 monocrystalline cells and a module efficiency of 19.1%, making it particularly suitable for large scale roof top or ground mounted facilities that demand highest yields. Sharp’s unique power tolerance of up to 5% makes this the module of choice by project developers. With the addition of 1200mm cables that enable leapfrog wiring and reduce balance of system (BOS) costs, this module is the ideal choice for major industrial projects and power plants.

The 60 cells NU-and NU-AK300B are suitable for industrial and residential roof installations and offer a choice of design. The NU-AK310 has a power output of 310W, achieving 19.1% module efficiency, the same high efficiency value as the corresponding 72 cells type NU-AH370. The NU-AK300B has an aesthetically pleasing sleek black frame and back sheet for style conscious commercial customers and homeowners.

All modules offer customers improved reliability, efficiency and reduced series resistance, thanks to improved five busbar technology.

Andrew Lee, Sales Director EMEA, Sharp, said: “The latest line-up is a natural evolution to our NU-A product family. We have made improvements to our supply chain, enabling us to provide our customers with cost-savings, while still ensuring that the modules incorporate the best of Sharp’s technology.”

The safety, quality and durability of the modules has been recognised with IEC seals (IEC/EN61215 and IEC/EN61730). The modules are robust in product design, with original MC4 connectors that maximises resistance to corrosion, and having passed their PID and salt mist tests.

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