MAN Energy Solutions’ after-sales brand aids reliable operation of 51 MW gas-engine power plant

MAN PrimeServ, the after-sales brand of MAN Energy Solutions, has begun a five-year service contract for a new 51 MW gas-engine power plant in the German city of Frankfurt (Oder).

Operated by Stadtwerke Frankfurt (Oder), the CHP plant is powered by 5 × MAN 20V35/44G gas engines, providing 51 MW of electrical energy, as well as 50 MW of district heating. The plant was commissioned by MAN Energy Solutions in mid-February 2022 and MAN PrimeServ has now taken over maintenance in close cooperation with local personnel.

The five-year contract covers the supply of OEM spare parts, maintenance services and digital solutions, and covers the entire scope of supply from MAN Energy Solutions including engines, generators and plant accessories.

In parallel, Stadtwerke Frankfurt (Oder) staff are responsible for operations and routine maintenance work on site, for which end they have been intensively trained by PrimeServ instructors. MAN PrimeServ will carry out scheduled inspection and maintenance work and provide technical support and immediate assistance in the event of technical isues. The power plant will also benefit from MAN’s digital service solution, PrimeServ Assist, which will optimise the facility’s efficient operation. Engine operation will be monitored remotely around the clock with the customer notified immediately in the event of unusual deviations from certain engine performance and parameters, such as cooling-water pressure and exhaust-gas temperatures.

The contract was negotiated by PrimeServ O&M, responsible for long-term service contracts, plant operation and maintenance within MAN PrimeServ.

Dr. Michael Filous, Vice President and Head of PrimeServ O&M, commented: “The combined heat and power plant in Frankfurt (Oder) is one of the most modern and efficient gas-engine plants in Germany. Together with the employees of Stadtwerke Frankfurt (Oder), we aim to ensure its high availability, thus securing low-emission energy and heat supply for the region. We are convinced that gas-engine power plants are an important transition technology on the way to a climate-neutral energy supply. Already today, these can be operated with synthetic natural gas (SNG) and, in future, with hydrogen, even completely climate-neutral.”

MAN PrimeServ, MAN Energy Solutions’ after-sales brand, has begun a five-year service contract for the new, 51 MW gas-engine power plant in the German city of Frankfurt (Oder)

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