Verona, Pennsylvania / Heatherbrae, New South Wales (April 1, 2015) Conco Systems Pty. Ltd. in  Heatherbrae, NSW, Australia, will begin a comprehensive re-tubing of Stanwell Power Station, one of Queensland, Australia’s largest power plants, with a total generating capacity of 1,460 megawatts. After a formal evaluation of competitive bids, Stanwell Power Station awarded a contract to Conco Systems Pty Ltd to design, supply and install condenser tubing to replace the existing condenser tubing. This is an exciting project for both organizations, and the key objectives of replacing the condenser tubing are to ensure the continued high operational availability of individual condenser units and reduce the maintenance costs associated with the condensers. Beginning in 2015 and for the next four years, one unit per year will be refurbished, with an expected completion date in 2018.The refurbishment of the station’s condenser tubes will extend the operational life of the plant to well into the future.

Conco Systems Pty. Ltd. was established in New South Wales, Australia in 1999, and has since gained a strong foothold in the industrial cleaning and maintenance marketplace, providing products and services to power generation, petrochemical and other industries throughout Australia and the Pacific Rim. Conco’s signature products are condenser and heat exchanger tube cleaners that are used widely across the globe, and core services include tube cleaning, non destructive testing and leak detection analysis.