Elk River, MN – CDM Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty En-Masse conveyors and systems for over 40 years, features drop-forged chain and conveyor designs for aggressive applications.  Also known as Drag conveyors, En-Masse conveyors offer the best in conveying technology due to the efficient size to capacity ratio, the ability to convey in multiple directions, the capability to handle abrasive material without degradation, and the reliability to convey over long distances. En-Masse conveyors are ideal for a wide range of applications; from potash, to petro coke, to coal, and cement, from chemicals, to steel and light ore.
The nature of bulk material handling in cement, mining, potash and other aggressive applications means CDM engineers design each conveyor for the demands of the operating conditions. “Our customers rely on our ability to design durable conveying systems that can withstand the rigors of the harsh material and the challenges of the operating environment. For this reason, no two conveyors are identical even when handling a similar material.  Length of conveyor, location, temperature, infrastructure limitations, number of required inlet and outlet points, and material characteristics and partial size are all key factors that can change the design of the conveyor.” notes Andrew Parker, Vice President of CDM.
CDM En-Masse conveyors are engineered for continuous-duty, aggressive materials with:
•    Capacity ranges from 2 STPH to 1000 STPH for single strand chains; higher capacities available for double strand
•    Totally Enclosed – dust & weather tight
•    Built for non-stop, 24 hour a day operation
•    Base chain is a high CrMn drop-forged steel alloy, suitable for high temperature, abrasive applications.
•    Chain is case-hardened Alloy Steel, 550-650 BHN – designed for wear resistance and durability
•    Self-Supporting – No additional structure needed.
•    Reliable installation with clearly identified connection points
•    Auxiliary spring-loaded chain take-up – with optional catenary take-up
•    Inspection doors standard – optional auxiliary door available
•    Low Maintenance – only two lubrication locations

The En-Masse conveyor manufactured by CDM have contributed to operational efficiencies and cost savings because of the solid, quality construction and durability of design. For more information on En-Masse conveyors and systems, visit www.cdmsys.com or call (763) 428-9700.