Pipe Clamp for Vibration Sensing

Fauske & Associates LLC (FAI) recently patented a specialized pipe clamp to seat vibration-sensing equipment. A beam attached to the clamp protrudes through the pipe insulation. The beam is partially hollow and vented to promote cooling so that accelerometers can be installed on the tip of the beam outside the high-temperature and/or radiation area for accurate vibration level monitoring. The FAI pipe clamp has a natural frequency of about 1 kHz. All pipe vibrations below this frequency will be accurately recorded or slightly amplified at frequencies closer to 1 kHz, and the frequency of 1 kHz is sufficiently large and above expected pipe vibration frequencies, which are typically in the range of 10 Hz to 500 Hz, the Illinois-based company says. The dynamics of the pipe clamp have reportedly been defined by a deterministic approach as well as experimental data, which provide additional confidence and refinement of the theoretical analysis. (

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