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Planning for the Unexpected: Mitigating Business Security Risks Related to Water Treatment Failure

By Damon Good, Business Development Manager – Mobile Water Services ANZ, Veolia Water Technologies

Water is a critical component of many manufacturing processes and the demand for it is increasing alongside population and industry growth. So, what can manufacturers do if critical water treatment systems fail?

Imagine this scenario: It’s Sunday morning and the water treatment plant has stopped functioning. There is no standby capacity in the water treatment plant due to financial constraints. As a result, production is at risk when a problem occurs — be it chemical or mechanical. You are faced with the prospect of a complete halt in production unless you manage to get 30m3/h of deionized water to the manufacturing site within four hours. What do you do?

To address this type of emergency scenarios, Veolia has developed a wide range of reliable, plug-and-play mobile treatment solutions. With Veolia’s Mobile Water Services, customers will receive support to readily assess their water treatment requirements and identify potential risks and a response plan to minimize any disruption to their water supply. With ready-to-go assets, Veolia offers quick response during emergencies and can help businesses avoid costly downtimes.

UK-based Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) is an example of a customer who benefited from Veolia’s Mobile Water Services. Each year, the ERF handles 210,000 tons of residual municipal solid waste and street cleansing waste from the local council area. This waste is incinerated to fuel two 50-bar water tube boilers. The boilers then generate steam, driving turbines that produce 19MW of electricity, most of which is exported to the grid. This process significantly reduces the volume of waste disposed to landfills and allows some of its residue to be recovered for reuse.

ERF’s high-pressure water tube boilers require up to 4.5m3/h of high purity, demineralized water, produced on-site at an ion exchange plant supplied by the construction contractor. However, during a two-day control system modification, the plant was unable to meet normal output quantity and quality — therefore placing the facility’s power generation capability at risk. The issue could have been fixed in two days, but the demineralized water storage was running low.

With just one call, a mobile plant was delivered on-site swiftly, and the team knew exactly where and how to set up and connect two MOFI™ plug & play trailer-mounted ion exchange units. The ion exchange units in the trailer were regenerated off-site, so there were no additional requirements for chemicals or wastewater disposal. Veolia’s rapid response and temporary mobile plant enabled the ERF to continue running at full capacity while the control system modifications were being implemented, thus allowing the on-site plant to return to normal operation.

Business Continuity Management has become more important, and organizations are beginning to understand the impact of disruptive events on business processes. Businesses looking to adopt the latest ISO 22301 global standards can rely on Veolia’s Mobile Water Services to fulfil their Business Continuity Planning requirements for water treatment. Delivering the right temporary water treatment resources with quick response times, Veolia helps to ensure minimal disruption and a continuous water supply where it is needed most.

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