Nut, Bolt, and Flange Face Corrosion Protection

Advance Products & Systems’ new Kleerband Flange Protectors and Radolid Protection caps protect bolts, nuts, and flange faces on raised-face or full-face flanges in conditions where extreme corrosion occurs, such as at gas plants, pump stations, and above- and below- ground installations. Kleerband is a patented transparent polymer band with grease injection fittings and a relief vent plug that allows 360 degrees of continuous inspection. The flange protectors are used for preventing corrosion from developing between flanges on piping systems, and they enable visual inspection of the flange surface without removing the flange protector. Radolid Protection Caps with volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI) protect nuts and bolts from destructive corrosion. (VCIs are a class of colorless vapor corrosion-inhibiting compounds that block the corrosive effects of electrolytes.) The caps, available in ¼-inch to 3 ¾-inch sizes, are easily pressed onto nuts and bolts by hand. (

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