New Products (January 2014)

High-Pressure Water Jet LancesNLB’s new NCG-286A Series of high-pressure water jet lances increase operator comfort while making hose or fitting failures less likely. The new models reduce stress on the inlet hose connection and feature a redesigned, padded-shoulder stock that helps center the thrust of the high-pressure water. The lances have an inlet tube with a 90-degree bend, supported by a bracket, that eliminates the bend radius in the hose behind the inlet connection. Hose friction is also eliminated, since the hose no longer has to pass through a loop on the shoulder stock. The NCG-286A Series includes lances rated for operating pressures up to 10,000 psi, 15,000 psi, 24,000 psi, and 40,000 psi (700 bar, 1,035 bar, 1,400 bar, and 2,800 bar). (
Portable Diagnostics Meter for Hydraulics and PneumaticsParker Hannifin Corp. introduced a new hand-held meter that provides portable maintenance and diagnostic data for hydraulics and pneumatics. The SensoControl Diagnostic Serviceman Plus features “plug and play” automatic sensor recognition that immediately scales the measurement range, eliminating sometimes confusing and time-consuming setup routines. With a scan rate of 1 millisecond and the ability to measure pressure, flow, temperature, and rotations per minute, the unit is useful in a wide variety of situations. All measurements captured can be transferred to a personal computer for analysis and documentation using the SensoWin software provided with the meter. (
Smartphone-Based Application for Circuit Breaker TestingUsing the accelerometer inside every iPhone, new-model iPod Touch, and select industrial handheld tablets, the CBAnalyzer application captures vibration data in all three axes and across time. By comparing the precision three-dimensional vibration information to a database of approximately 200 known good profiles and/or the vibration signature of the breaker’s “first trip” operation, pattern recognition algorithms can determine overall mechanical condition, breaker timing (opening and closing time), first trip testing data for arc-flash compliance, and arc-flash study validation checks. The CBAnalyzer is designed to be used by technicians with any level of experience. (
Customized Machined SealsSKF offers the capability to manufacture customized machined seals requested to meet specifications required by original equipment manufacturers or maintenance-related applications. SKF can supply many types of rotating, reciprocating, or static seals, drawing from its catalog of several hundred standard profiles, and can also engineer unique sealing solutions tailored to particular application requirements. Seals can be made from a wide variety of stock materials or from specialty materials. Continuous or molded one-piece seals can be machined up to 157 inch outside diameter (OD) and larger versions can be developed using a welding technique. Rush orders for seals up to 24-inch OD can typically be handled and shipped within a day. (
Sequence of Events Recorder Cyber Sciences, supplier of specialty products for the monitoring and control of electrical distribution systems, offers the new CyTime Sequence of Events Recorder. Model SER-2408 is designed to help simplify testing of emergency power supply systems in power stations. With 24 high-speed digital inputs, eight control relay outputs, and data-log groups with simultaneous recording of inputs/outputs, the SER-2408 enables specialized reporting to support mandatory test compliance with standards for critical-power facilities. The SER-2408 is available with up to 32GB of memory for distributed storage of user drawings and documentation. (
Impact Wrench copy.jpg
Cordless High-Torque Impact Wrench The Panasonic EY7552 Cordless High-Torque Impact Wrench is a fast and powerful impact wrench delivering up to 346 ft.-lbf (470 Nm) of torque. It is the first tool to feature Panasonic’s patented Twin Hammer technology—increasing torque, working speed, and durability. Equipped with a variable-speed trigger and electric brake, the high-torque impact is designed for general construction and maintenance. Panasonic’s EY9L51B 4.2-Ah lithium-nickel battery pack has the highest rated capacity on the market, which delivers high-output with low heat generation, resulting in longer lifetime and extended run-time. (

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