New Diesel Generator Sets

Cummins Power Generation announced two new internationally styled and designed diesel generator set ranges for global markets. Powered by Cummins engines, both are maintenance-friendly. CE-certification and compliance with international standards make them ideal for a wide variety of applications, including in remote locations. The new low-range 40- to 75-kVA generator sets feature the Cummins S3.8 Series engine, already proven in the field, and a 50-liter fuel tank that delivers 12 hours of performance at 75% load. The new medium-range 90- to 125-kVA generator sets (shown here) use Cummins’ 6BTA5.9 Series engine. They also offer extended fuel autonomy of over 12 hours thanks to a larger fuel tank capacity of 350 liters. Both ranges offer many features, plus options including sound-attenuating enclosures and double-walled fuel tanks. (

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