Equipment Showcase: Diesel and Gas Generators

The need for reliable and resilient power generation, including backup power, means the market for mobile and smaller-scale power generation continues to grow. Commercial and industrial sites are using generators to produce power for their operations, often to ensure a constant flow of electricity in the event of an outage or to provide generation in remote locations. The prevalence of severe weather events in many locations in recent years also has contributed to growth not only in the commercial and industrial market, but also in the residential market. Though solar, wind, and energy storage are powering more facilities, natural gas and diesel are still the most common fuels for generator units. Some of the leading manufacturers and distributors for generators are featured here.

Jenbacher Unveils Fast-Start Gas Generator for Data Centers

1. INNIO’s Jenbacher fast-start J620 natural gas-fueled generator can provide full 3-MW output in less than 45 seconds for data center applications. Courtesy: INNIO

Today’s data centers consume about 3% of the total energy generated globally and the challenge is to deliver that electricity in a more reliable and environmentally sound way. Helping to meet these needs, INNIO Jenbacher has announced the launch of its new Jenbacher J620 fast-start natural gas generator (Figure 1) for data centers. The company says the Jenbacher J620 not only delivers advantages for data center backup operations, but it also provides benefits when running parallel to the grid and in island mode. With built-in fuel storage, and with a natural gas connection, data center operators avoid limited run times and generator refueling. Compared to standby diesel-fueled generators, they also offer emissions reductions of up to 90% for nitrous oxide (NO x) and up to 25% for carbon dioxide (CO 2), giving users the flexibility of longer run times. The Jenbacher J620 provides full load in under 45 seconds, along with the additional benefits that come with the ability to run in a variety of operating modes. INNIO Jenbacher, Jenbach, Austria

Caterpillar Offers Range of Genset Models

2. Caterpillar’s GES450-5 diesel-fuel model generator is capable of operating at 1,800 rpm. It is rated at 360 kW at standby and 328 kW at prime. Courtesy: Caterpillar

Caterpillar’s range of Olympian generator sets provides reliable energy solutions for every business and every need. Olympian generators can be installed as the prime power source or for standby service. They deliver dependable, clean, economic power—even in the most demanding conditions—and are available in a wide range of configurations with optional equipment. The GES450-5 (Figure 2) is a 60-Hz, diesel-fueled model that operates at 1,800 rpm. It is rated at 360 kW at standby and 328 kW at prime. Caterpillar, Deerfield, Illinois

APT Generators Built to Handle Tough Environments

3. American Pneumatic Tools APTG 25 model generator features a sound-attenuated, rugged steel enclosure, large doors and access for better serviceability, and a single-point lifting beam and trailer or skid configurations. Courtesy: APT

Applying insights gained from industrial customers, rental companies, public utilities, and other end users, American Pneumatic Tools (APT) generators are designed to withstand the most demanding on-site conditions and environments. The APTG 25 (Figure 3) features a sound-attenuated, rugged steel enclosure, large doors and access for superior serviceability, and a single-point lifting beam and trailer or skid configurations. The digital controllers have multiple projections built-in, including a low-fuel warning. APT generators are purpose-built for quick, easy, and safe transport and on-site handling. Built to last, an APT generator will provide years of dependable service for your electrical power generation needs. APT has been a leading provider of exceptional tools for the construction and industrial markets since 1938. American Pneumatic Tools, Santa Ana, California

Atlas Copco Adds New, Larger Mobile Generator

4. The QAS 625 generator from Atlas Copco is equipped with a Volvo Penta 16.1-liter, 6-cylinder Tier 4 Final diesel engine, and runs at 724 horsepower. Courtesy: Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco Power Technique features the QAS 625 (Figure 4), the newest and largest mobile generator in its lineup. With a power rating of 625 kVA/500 kW prime power, the fuel-efficient unit is compact, lightweight, and ideal for a wide range of applications including construction, mining, disaster recovery, general rental, and more. Equipped with a Volvo Penta 16.1-liter, 6-cylinder Tier 4 Final diesel engine, the QAS 625 runs at 724 horsepower. The highly reliable and durable Volvo engine features a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) exhaust aftertreatment system, simplifying the cost of ownership and maintenance. The unit requires less than two hours of service for every 500-hour service interval. A great solution to the most demanding jobsites, the motor starting capability is outstanding thanks to the AREP alternator excitation system. This provides 300% overcurrent starting capabilities coupled to the engine’s capacity to stand a 100% load step. Standard external fuel tank connections and dual fuel filters provide the ability to run extended periods without interruption in service. The internal 700-gallon fuel tank runs 27 hours. Camlocks and a battery charger also come standard, providing best-in-class performance for any rental application. Atlas Copco, Rock Hill, South Carolina

Cummins’ Line Includes Quiet Diesel Series

5. Cummins’ Quiet Diesel Series includes the QD 12000 model. Service and maintenance points are accessible through an easy-latch side service door. Switches are top-mounted, as are coolant level check and fill areas. Courtesy: Cummins

Cummins’ Quiet Diesel Series generator models are the heavy-duty choice when low noise and low vibration are required. Their revolutionary design makes these generator sets up to 15 dB(A) quieter than other diesel-powered generators, and quieter than most gasoline sets. The units, such as the QD 12000 (Figure 5), are totally enclosed, including cooling, muffler, and intake systems. The 12000 has computer-controlled constant speed operation. A three-point, fully focalized internal mounting system reduces vibration, and self-diagnostic capabilities simplify troubleshooting. Cummins, Columbus, Indiana

Kubota Diesel Generator Has Low Profile to Fit in More Spaces

6. The GL14000 diesel generator from Kubota is designed to resist corrosion in wet weather and other extreme conditions. A dual-layer surface coating covers critical components. Courtesy: Kubota Engine America Corp.

The Kubota RV diesel generator delivers exceptional power from Kubota’s own D902 diesel engine. Compact, reliable, and innovative, the GL14000 (Figure 6) is ideally suited for a wide array of applications, including for backup power. Direct engine coupling and a unique cooling system enhance the GL14000’s low profile that allows it to fit in more spaces. All maintenance locations can be accessed from a single, large access panel on the side of the generator: oil gauge, oil filter, oil fill, fuel filter, water tank, battery, and air cleaner. Engine oil and coolant drain extensions are included to help with regularly scheduled fluid changes. Kubota Engine America Corp., Lincolnshire, Illinois

Generac Supplies Diesel and Gas Gensets

7. Generac’s SD230 model is a 230-kW diesel generator known for its durability and weather resistance. Courtesy: Generac

Generac’s 230-kW diesel generator, the SD230 (Figure 7), is durable, and features noise reduction, weather resistance, and a streamlined design. It has an industrial alternator; all Generac industrial alternators are machine wound, machine inserted, and machine varnished for consistency. The generator’s Power Manager controller is engineered with safety and convenience as priorities. Generac also offers natural gas-fueled generators that are known for reliability, durability, and reduced maintenance. Permitting is much easier as these units produce 90% fewer emissions compared to diesel. More companies are recognizing natural gas generators for sole off-site fuel choices because these generators rely on a strong underground pipeline network that is rarely impacted by weather. Generac Industrial Power offers an extensive product line—from 15 kW through 3.25-MW single generators—and as much as 100 MW through the company’s innovative MPS technology. Its diesel gensets can be paralleled with natural gas and BI-FUEL units, providing the extended runtimes more customers are demanding. Generac offers larger alternators, sound attenuated enclosures, extreme performance enclosures, a variety of control systems, and different size base tanks. Generac, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Kohler Unit Provides Flexibility, Fuel Efficiency

8. Kohler’s 125RZGC model is a 60-Hz generator that features a Fast-Response X excitation system, delivering excellent voltage response. Courtesy: Kohler

All of Kohler Industrial’s gas generators are manufactured in the U.S., and provide maxiumum performance, flexibility, and fuel efficiency. The 125RZGC model (Figure 8) is a 60-Hz generator set that meets National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 110, Level 1 requirements, when equipped with the necessary accessories and installed per NFPA standards. It features a Fast-Response X excitation system that delivers excellent voltage response and short-circuit capability using a rare-earth, permanent magnet-excited alternator. The electronic, isochronous governor incorporates an integrated drive-by-wire throttle body actuator, delivering precise frequency regulation. The unit is powered by a PSI 8.8-liter turbocharged V8 Industrial Powertrain, featuring forged steel, induction hardened crankshaft, and hypereutectic aluminium pistons. It is controlled by the Kohler Decision-Maker 550 Controller, providing advanced control, system monitoring, and system diagnostics for optimum performance. The Kohler Decision-Maker 550 controller can communicate with a personal computer via a network or via a modem configuration. Kohler Power Systems, Kohler, Wisconsin

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