Interactive Virtual Training Content Software

Advanced graphical interface technology provider DiSTI Corp. unveiled Replic8, a new software tool to effortlessly create interactive virtual training content from Autodesk’s 3D Studio Max. Replic8 allows users to easily produce compelling 3-D interactive training content through a simplified development process. (The image is a Relic8-generated 3-D Cummins 855 Diesel Engine.)

The software tool works directly with the commonly used 3D Studio Max modeling package, forming a cohesive transition of static 3-D models into interactive learning objects without losing essential fidelity and functionality. Modelers can create feature-rich 3-D objects complete with multiple texture layers and animations knowing that Replic8 will retain those details for use in the lesson materials. Replic8 utilizes Java to maximize deployment options, allowing lessons to run stand-alone on a desktop, in a browser, or with any operating system that supports Java’s OpenGL bindings. (

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