Digital Harmonics Filters

Schaffner’s filter series now includes ECOsine active harmonics filters — compact, digital units that continuously measure and analyze disturbances in the power network and provide an exactly opposite compensation current. In doing so, the filters actively adapt to changing network topologies and respond in less than half a millisecond, before damage from the disturbances can occur. The improved power quality of the new filters minimizes the risk of downtime and process interruptions.

In addition to the global or selective mitigation of harmonic currents up to the 50th order, ECOsine active filters are able to perform targeted power factor correction. This highly dynamic process provides the required reactive power within microseconds — faster than traditional automatic capacitor banks. The filters are compatible with U.S. and international harmonics standards. Available in 3-phase/3-wire and 3-phase/4-wire configurations for 480-V and 400-V grids, and with rated compensation currents from 30 A to 300 A. (

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