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Shotwick Solar Park in Wales, UK

POWER Digest [October 2018]

Gasification Plant Under Construction in Saudi Arabia. A Pennsylvania company has partnered with two Saudi Arabian energy firms on construction of a gasification-to-power plant project in Saudi Arabia. The

Fig 1_Tank explosion

Minimizing Fire and Explosion Hazards in Dusty Systems

Understanding the properties of bulk materials and how they interact with environmental factors is vital to safe operations, but having an honest conversation about the hazards, so risks can be properly

Case Study: Monitoring Health and Performance of Grid-Scale Battery Installations

UniEnergy’s Technologies (UET) manufactures and installs large-scale energy storage solutions for utility, commercial, and microgrid applications. Their battery systems enable customers to address power needs, such as “frequency regulation” as well as “transmission generation deferral” and “peak shaving. This case study details how OSIsoft’s Connected Services enabled UET to offer capacity guarantees for their technology.

Fig 1_Energy Imbalance Market map August 2018

How Does the Western Energy Imbalance Market Work?

The California Independent System Operator’s Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) is a real-time energy market, the first of its kind in the western U.S. EIM’s advanced market systems automatically find low-cost

Fig 3_Oxygen purge concentration

Best Practices for Welding Critical Power Plant Systems

Innovative welding techniques can produce consistently better-quality joints. Special alloys, appropriate pre- and post-weld heat treatment, and proper weld procedures can all help prevent catastrophic failure


The Gamble to Produce Power from a ‘Killer’ Lake

KivuWatt, a 26.2-MW power plant in Kibuye, Rwanda, was conceived to help reduce risk of an overpressure gas outburst at Lake Kivu. The first-of-its-kind integrated methane gas extraction and production

Figure 4 - Tilos - solar

Wind and Solar Powering Greek Island

The Greek island of Tilos may provide the model for a renaissance of renewable energy across the European Union (EU). Technicians this summer have tested a system that will allow the island to produce and run