AC Power Sources for Submerged Arc Welding

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products launched the TAF 801/1251 square wave AC power sources for submerged arc welding. The power sources, designed to be used with the fully digital PEK controller, convert the secondary voltage from a sinus wave — via a thyristor-controlled rectifier bridge — to a square wave arc voltage with excellent arc strike characteristics and good welding properties. Other features include no arc blow, high productivity using a multi-electrode system, capacity for continuous welding, presetting of arc voltage, reliable square wave striking, and compensation for mains voltage fluctuation and voltage drop over long welding cables. A high power factor ensures low power consumption. The power sources are prepared for communication using most standard protocols, including TCP/IP (LAN), Anybus, Profibus, CAN, or even straight communication with a PLC. (

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