DC Power Sources for High-Production Welding

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products’ LAF series of three-phase, fan-cooled DC welding power sources are designed for high-productivity mechanized submerged arc welding or high-productivity GMAW welding. Made for use in combination with ESAB’s A2-A6 equipment range and the A2-A6 Process Controllers (PEK or PEI), LAF welding power sources offer excellent welding characteristics throughout the entire current and voltage range, with particularly good starting and re-ignition properties.

These power sources demonstrate good arc stability at both high and low arc voltages, and they can be adjusted and monitored from the front panel of the process controller for easy adjustment of all welding parameters. The welding current range can be extended by connecting two power sources in parallel for the most demanding applications. The power sources are also designed to be used with the fully digital PEK controller for maximum functionality or with the PEI controller with basic functionality for less-demanding applications. Each power source is prepared for communication using most standard protocols, including TCP/IP (LAN), Anybus, Profibus, CAN, or even straight communication with a PLC. (

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