25-Ton Hydraulic Internal/External Puller

Posi Lock’s hydraulic line featuring the patented "Safety Cage" has been expanded to include the PH-113IE, a three-jaw, 25-ton internal/external puller that is designed to solve problems associated with the removal of gears, bearings, and other press-fit items. The PH-113IE’s internal puller jaws have a reach from 2.5 inches to 7 inches and a spread from 8 inches to 21 inches. The external jaws have a reach of 12 inches and a spread of 2.5 inches to 18 inches with standard jaws. The optional long jaws offer a reach of 20 inches and a spread of 1.5 inches to 30 inches. Jaws are changed simply by removing the ball-lock pins and replacing the jaw. The internal and external slots are lined up, so users can change from internal pulling to external pulling in a matter of seconds. (

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