Quick-Release Mount for Fire Extinguishers

A new modular and durable quick-release mount for popular fire-extinguisher sizes is now available from Off-Road Solutions (ORS). The system uses two pieces of 6061-T6 billet aluminum: one attaches to the extinguisher while the other piece secures to a fixed object. The 3/16-inch hinge pin and 3/8-inch quick-release pull pin with detent ball are made from stainless steel. Pulling the release pin—which comes with a 6-inch nylon “rip cord” and is tethered by a 6-inch nylon-coated lanyard—allows the ORS mount to swivel apart for fast fire extinguisher removal. The mount also adapts easily to shovels, flashlights, and other tools. The ORS Quick Release Mount is universal. It fits popular fire extinguisher sizes with user-supplied mounting hardware such as hose clamps, nylon motorcycle straps, or heavy-duty cable ties. ORS offers optional hose clamps as well as upgraded billet clamps for 2.5-pound extinguishers and 1.75-inch rollbar tubing. (

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