Touch-safe connector

The SBS75x Connector, the newest addition to Anderson Power Products’ family of Finger Proof products, is recommended for use with hazardous DC voltages in systems operating from 50 to 600 volts, where risk of shock can be health-threatening. The patented connector provides power contacts rated up to 110 amps, and the touch-safe design provides protection to the user by eliminating finger contact with live circuits per UL1977, Section 10.2.

In addition, the housing accepts up to four auxiliary contacts for applications requiring signal capability. The male signal contacts (6.4 mm to 9.3 mm) are available in four lengths for when sequencing is required, and to provide a make-last/break-first connection in relation to the power contacts. The connector utilizes the company’s Flat Wipe Contact Technology for the power contacts, allowing it to be rated for circuit interruption (hot plugging) under load when no auxiliary contacts are used. (

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