Test Your Knowledge: Scaffold Safety

It is safe to say that every power plant in the world uses scaffolding in some way, shape, or form. It is a critical component for many maintenance activities where permanently installed access is not possible or practical. Therefore, the dangers associated with scaffolding should not be overlooked by the industry.

Often, plant maintenance personnel are trained to install scaffolding, but it is not uncommon for scaffolding contractors to be brought in for large jobs too. The scaffolding industry as a whole has made great strides in improving employee safety records. This positive trend can be attributed to not only government regulations, but also to more companies understanding the importance of building a strong safety culture. Top performers in the industry realize that implementing a safety program that becomes embedded in the culture of the organization not only benefits its workers, but also helps the organization become more competitive in the marketplace.

Developing a strong safety culture and implementing an effective scaffold safety program could help companies avoid costly fines, and more importantly, prevent deadly accidents. This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of scaffold safety.

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