Facilities facing emergency plumbing repairs are typically forced to shut down and then drain the entire water system. RIDGID’s new SF-2500 SuperFreeze pipe-freezing unit is designed to avoid this costly and inconvenient process by quickly isolating sections of copper or steel pipe with ice plugs.

Plugs are formed in as little as five minutes in steel pipes of up to 2 inches and copper tubing of up to 2½ inches. A single unit can even form two plugs at the same time. The RIDGID SF-2500 operates automatically once the freeze heads are attached to the pipes and it is turned on, and the unit continues to run during repairs to ensure the ice plugs do not melt. Flexible rubber hoses connecting the freeze heads to the unit ease handling and storage. Because the unit does not use any hazardous refrigerants, carbon dioxide, or nitrogen, no accessories are required. A specially designed compressor enables quick restart and overload protection. Backed with a lifetime warranty. (www.ridgid.com)