Press Release

Radix Develops Artificial Intelligence Project for CEMIG Customer Service Platform

Houston, Texas (March 31, 2020) — Radix is developing a complex artificial intelligence platform for CEMIG’s (Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais SA) Customer Service Platform. The ‘R&D D0650’ project’s objective is to apply Omnichannel, Chatbot, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data technologies to facilitate and improve customer communications while reducing expenses. CEMIG is one of the main electric transmission and distribution companies in Brazil, with over 12 million customers in 805 municipalities. CEMIG also operates 83 power plants with a generation capacity of 5.5 Gigawatts.

Adonis Carvalho, Radix’s Project Manager, explains: “Proactivity, autonomy, and integration of communication channels is the focus of this project. Additionally, we are working on an innovative platform able to integrate from the front-end of applications used by customers, to the back-end of systems that store the information necessary to perform the required tasks.”

This two-year project is essentially a framework connected to a chatbot. Artificial intelligence applications will decode outgoing customer messages (or proactively open an interaction motivated by specific events), creating a customized response based on previous records and customer profiles.

“The proposed solution is to have a data entry interface and based on what was entered and the user profile, it will direct the interaction to appropriate person or system for processing. In this way we will provide CEMIG’s customers with a personalized and agile customer experience,” commented Mr. Carvalho.

Furthermore, the project will reduce expenses by helping  CEMIG standardize service, integrate channels, and automate tasks that would otherwise be performed by many attendants.

The R&D D0650-Artificial Intelligence Applied to Customer Relationship Project is part of CEMIG’s R&D program, under the seal of ANEEL, the National Electric Energy Agency of Brazil.