VGB, the international association of energy plant operators, has just released a new standard VGB-S-150-29-2021-10 for fuel particle fineness measurement that includes the laser-based EUcoalsizer (ECM) mobile system developed by combustion specialists of German EUtech Scientific Engineering GmbH. The standard extents the ISO Standard 9931 and recommends to apply the ECM mobile system in combination with sampling devices for real-time optimization of mill operation parameters. 

Performance engineers and technical services now have an additional option to utilize the unique capability of the ECM mobile system. Either as a stand-alone inline probe for direct measurement in the pipes or as an upgrade of the existing probe sampling equipment. In both cases real-time fuel fineness and mass flow information allows direct optimization of mill operating parameters and support clean and efficient combustion. 

During the process of standard definition ECM mobile has been tested by VGB members in their plants and approved the system in various fuels (black coal, lignite, biomass). Existing sampling systems now can easily be upgraded with a special ECM adapter. No more time-consuming probe preparation, sieving and weighing. The particle size distribution is available on the screen instantaneously. For more information, please contact us. 

ECM adapter with control unit