MEMPHIS, Tenn., August 16, 2011 – The Kindorf® Fast Set Beam Clamp from Thomas & Betts simplifies the installation of threaded rod on I-beams by requiring no tools for installation: the clamp simply slides onto the I-beam flange. Once the clamp is secured to the flange by hand, the threaded rod can be screwed through the clamp and tightened, thereby locking the tongue of the clamp against the I-beam for extra security.
“A standard fast-set beam clamp must be held in place while tightening a set screw using a wrench or other tool – often in a hard-to-reach area,” said Tim Pierce, product manager for Thomas & Betts. “The Kindorf® Fast Set Beam Clamp makes it easier and faster to install by eliminating the need for cumbersome, additional tools, saving valuable time and reducing installation costs.”
Available in ¼-20, 3/8-16 and ½-13 thread sizes, Kindorf® Fast Set Beam Clamps are load rated at 250, 600 and 1,000 pounds respectively, exceeding the load ratings of the corresponding diameters of threaded rod. Kindorf® Fast Set Beam Clamps are UL® listed.
For more information about the Kindorf® Fast Set Beam Clamp, visit or call (800) 816-7809.
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