• Combination of strengths and know-how
  • Joint development strategy on multiple topics, including renewable energy and smart grids
  • Joint contribution to energy and climate objectives

Elia Group and Alstom Grid signed in Brussels a three year cooperation agreement setting out the general framework for long-term joint development strategy including Smart Grid initiatives, renewable energy integration, and international R&D. The agreement, which will remain in place until 2015, is in line with the international development strategy of both Elia and Alstom Grid. It is expected that the joint initiatives under this agreement will bring a major contribution to the European and global energy and climate objectives.

This agreement will combine both companies’ strengths and expertise in key development areas for tomorrow’s electricity industry, including:

• Integration of Renewable energy through Innovative solutions to balance supply load and electricity demand, incorporating factors such as intermittent renewable energy, C02 emissions and demand response.
• Smart transmission: involves innovative R&D on grid security and the stability of electricity transmission.

Under the agreement, the two major energy players will work to address the challenges currently facing the electricity industry, through collaborative R&D, services and consultancy internationally. In its capacity as Belgian transmission system operator and co-owner (60%) of German transmission system operator 50Hertz Transmission, Elia aims to become a global benchmark among TSOs particularly in integrating renewable energies into the grid.

In December 2010, the parties will set up an organisational structure with an Executive Coordination Committee and a Joint Task Force that will begin to work on different joint initiatives that will be executed under this agreement beginning January 2011.