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CORMETECH Announces the Success of Its Breakthrough DustBuster™ Coal SCR Catalyst

DustBuster™ SCR catalyst has proven performance in over 11,000 MW of coal-fired power units since 2016

CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In making the announcement, Mike Mattes, President & CEO of CORMETECH said, “Demand continues to be strong as utilities worldwide recognize the benefits of DustBuster™ and are looking to improve their coal-fired generation SCR performance and meet new environmental emission standards in an economical way. DustBuster™ is our most innovative Coal SCR catalyst technology to date and solves many of the issues associated with plate style SCR catalyst. Specifically, it has superior pluggage resistance, can be regenerated more effectively to new catalyst performance, will not corrode or delaminate, is 100% recyclable and made in the USA. Additionally, its SO2 conversion percentage does not increase over time due to iron in the metal mesh being exposed to flue gas.”

DustBuster™ utilizes 100% catalyst material and is often used in conjunction with Honeycomb catalyst on a layer to maximize life and minimize pluggage in problem areas of the SCR. A key feature associated with all of CORMETECH’s SCR catalyst, including DustBuster™, is its ability to be efficiently re-used through CORMETECH’s proprietary cleaning technology and then regenerated or recycled to extend SCR catalyst life. As a result, the need to landfill the spent honeycomb type catalyst can be completely eliminated, significantly reducing a utility’s overall compliance costs and eliminating an environmental legacy.

CORMETECH’s DustBuster™ SCR catalyst consists of optimized channel geometries, up to 11mm hydraulic pitch, that facilitate the flow of ash-laden flue gas through catalytic surfaces resulting in extremely low pluggage in an innovative honeycomb SCR catalyst platform which delivers higher DeNOx potential and very low SO2 conversion percentage. DustBuster’s uniform single continuous extruded element and extra-large hydraulic diameter rectangular openings with larger aspect ratios prevent dust build-up and catalyst pluggage inside the reactor.


CORMETECH, Inc. is a world leader in manufacturing high-quality SCR and environmental catalysts, with additional expertise providing SCR catalyst regeneration, engineering and testing services for the power, industrial, refinery, petrochemical, marine and RICE markets. CORMETECH leverages 30+ years of experience and ceramic extrusion technology to create innovative SCR catalyst products and services.

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